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Did you know that we offer free samples?

If you have a commercial grade machine, we offer free samples of our tart and non-tart flavors. If you are still in the development phase, you can set up an appointment with us to try our flavors at our retail site!

Why Yo Mama Frozen Yogurt mix?

Yo Mama Frozen Yogurt has the most refreshing taste that can't be matched by pre-frozen or other powder mixes. Our mixes have been carefully crafted with taste and texture in mind. Whether you choose our yogurt based mix (add fresh yogurt and water) or water based mix (just add water), you will create a final cup that is flavor packed with a smooth, creamy texture.

At Yo Mama USA, we offer two types of mixes for your convenience: yogurt based and water based. Our yogurt based mix requires water and fresh nonfat plain yogurt to be added. For our water based mix, you simply add one gallon of water. We provide detailed instructions as well as pre-measured containers that take out all the guess work. In less than five minutes, you have just created the freshest frozen yogurt around!

Health Benefit:
Our mixes offer the greatest health benefit for your customers. For our yogurt based mix, because fresh yogurt is added by you on site, all the health benefits of natural yogurt are directly transferred to the final cup. For our water based mixes, we add twice the amount of probiotics to match the healthy benefits of fresh yogurt. Both types of mixes contain high protein and calcium as well as 100% of Vitamin C needed for the day in just one serving! Using our recipe, the final cup will have exponentially more probiotics than what is required by the National Yogurt Association. Our system is the ONLY way to ensure the maximum number of live probiotics in the final cup!

With our Yo Mama system, you have added flexibility that will result in less waste, more variety and more unique flavors that are created on-site. What better way to differentiate yourself in a competitive market? This means more savings, unique branding and a greater profit margin.

If you want to create Greek frozen yogurt or soy based frozen yogurt, you can simply use our yogurt based mix and add different types of fresh yogurt to create the final product. This flexibility will allow you to offer a tailor made product in order to appeal to your target demographics.

If you want the convenience of simply adding one gallon (3.79L) of water to create the tastiest and healthiest frozen yogurt, you can choose our water based mix. This will save you time and cost which translate to higher productivity.