Did you know that we can help you create your own custom flavor?

We have worked hard to research and develop our product so we have a unique expertise that would allow us to create all-new flavors. Make a request for us and we can help create a signature froyo flavor just for your store! This is an excellent way to set your store apart from the competition.

What are the advantages of using Yo Mama powder mixes versus pre-frozen mixes?

Most companies will deliver their mixes to you frozen. As any liquid that has been mixed, frozen and defrosted, you lose the fresh taste and probiotic content. Delivery of these cases can also lead to high shipping costs and unpredictable delivery times. Additionally, damage to the paper cartons is common, but they go unnoticed until they are defrosted. These mixes require that you defrost at a refrigerated temperature which may take 2-3 days. Their system requires that you not only have a large freezer but also a large refrigerator. Once defrosted, you have limited time to use it which limits your flexibility to change flavors according to what your customers want.

We have two types of mixes for your convenience. You can choose our water and yogurt mix that requires adding fresh yogurt and water, or you can choose our water only mix that requires simply one gallon of water. Both types of mixes have double the amount of probiotics to maximize the health benefit of frozen yogurt. Our water only mix has four types of live cultures to provide greatest benefits of probiotics in your body with the convenience of simply adding water. Our water and yogurt mix offers you the flexibility to use nonfat, low-fat, Greek, soy-based or lactose free yogurt. Furthermore, you can choose our sweet cream/tart base and add your own flavoring. This flexibility allows you to flavor your frozen yogurt with fresh fruit or all natural fruit purees or you favorite flavoring brand. And if you are the creative type, you can create your own unique flavor with our base mixes. But if you prefer to have this done for you, you can always count on our premixed flavors that have been field tested and have been customized by a team of expert flavorists . Our system truly combines nutrition and quality with convenience and flexibility that cannot be found in any other company in today's market. This will set you apart from your competition.


How do I sample your product?

If you have a commercial grade machine, we offer free samples of our sweet tart and sweet cream flavors. If you are still in the development phase, you can set up an appointment with us to try our flavors at our retail site! You can use our online ordering system and simply write sample on the note section or email us your sample order along with your contact information at info@yomamausa.com.


Is it complicated to make frozen yogurt using your product?

No, not at all. Our easy instructions are clearly stated on the label of each bag. We offer training as well as a premeasured container to take all the guess work out. It takes just two minutes and the mix is ready to be poured into the machine for the most delicious, creamiest frozen yogurt on the market.


Can I get discounts if I order in bulk?

Yes, we offer extensive discounts for volume orders. Please click on our Volume Order Discounts icon on the homepage for details. Our dry mixes can be stored for a year at room temperature. No need for extra large freezers or refrigerators, just some shelf space. This results in considerable savings in equipment, maintenance, and electricity.


Do you ship internationally?

Yo Mama is constantly growing its international presence. We can definitely work with you to get our product to your country. We have water-only mixes for those countries where fresh yogurt is not easily accessible. Please contact us and our experts in our export department will work with you.